Quality policy

At Grupo Jayan Barcelona we are dedicated to providing services of "Storage, Assembly and Sequencing of Automotive Components"; "Verification and industrial re-work related to Quality"; and "Rental and maintenance of forklifts and other means of maintenance", and based our work on:

  • Understand and satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, seeking their complete satisfaction, becoming a key part of their production process.
  • The maxim of "doing things right at first".
  • The availability for the joint work with our Employees, so that we achieve the maximum mutual benefit, doing theirs also our Commitment to Quality and the Environment.
  • The commitment to the proximity, communication, qualification and active participation of our workers, both business and temporary.
  • The knowledge and compliance of the Legislation and other requirements applicable to our activities.
  • The Protection of the Environment and the Prevention of Pollution through the identification, characterization and minimization of the environmental impact derived from our activity and the sustainable use of resources.
  • The maintenance and continuous improvement of a Management System that will help us to work under this philosophy.

All this respecting and favoring the Environment in which we develop our activities, the Safety and Health of our Workers and the fulfillment of the legal requirements.

Grupo JAYAN ensures that all the staff that contributes to generate the work towards Customer is knowledgeable and guarantees the full compliance with this Quality policy.


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