Jayán Group

Committed to the industrial sector, since 1986, offering high performance services and an extraordinary level of quality.

  • 1986. Began with the recuperation of a series of automotive shock absorbers in Navarra.
  • 1988. Two years later, INDUSTRIAS JAYÁN, S.L. was created, with headquarters in Navarra and Barcelona.
  • 1998. INDUSTRIAS JAYÁN evolves as an automotive services company, resulting in the creation of JAYÁN BARCELONA SERVEIS INDUSTRIALS, S.L.
  • 2009. A change is made in shareholder structure and the creation of JAYÁN BARCELONA LOGÍSTICA, S.L. to provide service for the contests awarded by SEAT. The company’s main activity is the operation of glass (logistics chain end management of warehouse proximity, sequencing and supply line).
  • 2009. SEAT awards Jayán Group management of its automated motor warehouse.
  • 2009. In June of the same year, SEAT awards the company the forklift fleet rental and management contract for the Martorell, Zona Franca and Gearbox plants, which brings about the creation of JAYÁN BARCELONA SERVICIOS MÓVILES, S.L. for its management.
Tel. +34 93 770 51 04
Fax +34 93 775 95 41
Edificio de Servicios del Parque Industrial, planta 3ª, letra A | Apdo. Correos, 64 | C/ Progrés, 10-12 | Pol. Industrial Sant Ermengol | 08630 Abrera · Barcelona
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