Group Divisions

JAYÁN Group, BARCELONA is formed by three divisions with different social objectives in order to provide a greater and more specialised service to its clients.

Jayán Serveis Industrials

Jayán Barcelona Serveis Industrials carries out tasks of industrial subcontracting, outsourcing for productive processes and a wide variety of industrial tasks. In this way Jayan Barcelona Serveis Industrials becomes a specialised extension of your company.

  • Production line feeding
  • Repairs and quality reworks
  • Part sorting
  • Electrical and mechanical assemblies.

Jayán Logística

Jayán Barcelona Logística is the division of Jayán Group dedicated to carrying out logistics services for the industrial sector:

  • Sequencing / JIT
  • Supply and delivery lines.
  • Storage.
  • Industrial logistics.

The services of Jayán Barcelona Logística provide a very important benefit for your company, allowing you to save money on infrastructure, personnel and space with the security of relying on a highly specialised partner.

Jayán Servicios Móviles

Jayán Barcelona Servicios Móviles responds to the need to purchase, leasing and maintenance of industrial machinery and capital goods.

  • Leasing
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Handling and warehousing solutions

Highly specialised services that operate as an extension of your company.

Tel. +34 93 770 51 04
Fax +34 93 775 95 41
Edificio de Servicios del Parque Industrial, planta 3ª, letra A | Apdo. Correos, 64 | C/ Progrés, 10-12 | Pol. Industrial Sant Ermengol | 08630 Abrera · Barcelona
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