Servicios Industriales


JAYÁN BARCELONA SERVEIS INDUSTRIALS is a service company specialised in providing an immediate and highly qualified response to any kind of industrial task our customers may need.


Our main objective is to be regarded as the most reliable solution by our customers in terms of response immediacy and effectiveness, as well as the greatest added value in their services.


QUALITY of our work
IMMEDIACY in response to any service demand
COMMITMENT to customer service
TECHNICAL ABILITY of our workers

Tel. +34 93 770 51 04
Fax +34 93 775 95 41
Edificio de Servicios del Parque Industrial, planta 3ª, letra A | Apdo. Correos, 64 | C/ Progrés, 10-12 | Pol. Industrial Sant Ermengol | 08630 Abrera · Barcelona
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